Frame: 12 inch balance bike | Aluminum-magnesium alloy

Wheel type: EVA foam anti-puncture

Wheel size: Ø 28 cm

Recommended age: 18 months – 5 years

Net weight: 3,2 kg



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And for the more reckless instead? Don’t worry, there is Giallocanarino with its energy, its courage and its outdoor soul.
It is the younger sister of Giallosaetta and is fitted with 28cm anti-puncture foam wheels, perfect for discovering the world of two wheels step by step. With adjustable handlebar and saddle and integrated non-slip footboard, you can customize your Primabici by adapting it optimally to your children.
The little ones will no longer want to part with it.




  • 12 inch balance bike
  • material: aluminum-magnesium alloy
  • weight: 3,2kg


  • low handlebars with adjustable inclination and riser with protection;
  • adjustable saddle with quick clamping lever;
  • EVA foam anti-puncture wheel with 28 cm diameter;
  • footrest incorporated in the design and covered with non-slip materials;
  • fork with “trail” to improve the pushing phase, increase stability and overcome all obstacles


For maximum benefits, balance bikes should be used as early as 18 months, when the child is beginning to learn to walk. The balance bike also helps the learning process, since in the early stages the child uses the bike as a support for walking and standing up.

Generally, the limit of use is between 4 and 5 years of age, following our size guide in the models section.

Additional information

Weight5,3 kg
Dimensions77 × 14,5 × 42 cm


Where to buy Garelli Primabici?

Garelli Primabici can be purchased directly through the website and in authorized stores. Soon it will also be available in Amazon stores.

Will Garelli Primabici arrive assembled or will it have to be assembled?

Qualora acquistata on-line la bicicletta sarà spedita nella sua speciale confezione, una scatola di cartone illustrata che si trasforma in un vero e proprio cavalletto per la bici con angolo officina. Nella scatola sono presenti le istruzioni ed una vite a brugola: unico strumento necessario all’assemblaggio.

Fino a che età è utilizzabile Garelli Primabici?

If purchased online, the bike will be shipped in its special packaging, an illustrated cardboard box that turns into a real bike holder with a workshop corner. In the box there are instructions and an Allen screw: the only tool needed for assembly.

Up to what age can Garelli Primabici be used?

Garelli Primabici is a bike designed to grow with the child according to a system designed to maintain comfort during growth. Generally suitable for children between 18 months and 5 years old, it is important to check the size of the child by using our size guide in the models section of the website.

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