Let's balance!!


EVA anti-puncture wheels
Inflatable tyres
Inflatable tyres
Inflatable tyres
Inflatable tyres
EVA anti-puncture wheels
EVA anti-puncture wheels

And accessories?

that extra mile for your primabici!

Struggling with the choice of the first bicycle?
Let yourself be guided by our experts Dolomeet and Garelli in choosing your first bike.
Discover all the benefits of balance bikes, choose the perfect size for your child thanks to our size guide and get ready for pure fun!

Let's balance!!

Learn by playing
grow by learning

We all want the best for our little ones. We look for games, books and tools that can help them become independent, confident and aware. 

The balance bike was created to help children acquire a greater awareness of their bodies, and give them security by guiding them through the process of learning psychomotor skills.

A bike as
a playmate

Let your kids choose their favorite color and they’ll never want to part with it.

The balance bike will be their playmate, will support and help them improve their walking during their first steps.

You’ll only have to adjust the handlebars and saddle based on the technical advice of our staff of instructors and promoters.

And now which one do I choose?

Get the right measurements and find out which balance bike is the best for your little rider.

Our Garelli branded first bike models have a lower seat height, designed to be used even by babies who wear diapers.

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A new stunning balance bike


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